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  • Zeniius is a dynamic social network platform for global CEOs.
  • CEOs have the opportunities to interact and collaborate in business worldwide.
  • CEOs anywhere in the world can publish their demands and/or provide solutions for others’ problems on Zeniius, in exchange for rewards
    ( BitCEO and/or Ability Cards )


Blockchain & A.I

  • Capitalizing on the advancements of the 4.0 era, our developers have integrated the technologies of Blockchain & A.I. into Zeniius.
  • Application of Blockchain & A.I. allows business demands to be solved speedily, trustlessly and not limited by geographical borders.


CEO K35 + CEO 1000 + G.E.N - Global
Entrepreneur Network

  • Zeniius was initialized based on a real-life network of 50,000 CEOs in Vietnam.
  • CEOs in the ecosystem may interact dynamically online via the application.
  • Successful collaborations would then translate into physical commercial contracts.

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Our Members

Zeniius has tremendously helped me in saving time in the strive for success, better than any other connecting platform I have come across. The true Genie for CEOs
I believe in the success of BitCEO. I will be the project companion.


CEO & Founder of CEO K35 JSC, CEO & Founder of Hong Vinh Phat PTY LTD, CEO & Founder of Long Dien Thuy International PTY LTD

Zeniius has helped me acquire many relevant business connections and speedily solve many business demands which may arise. Indeed, the platform is wonderful.
I believe in the success of BitCEO. I will be the project companion.


CEO & Founder of Quang Hung Commerce & Service PTY LTD

Much time has been saved and stress spared in search for clients and suppliers with Zeniius! Moreover, the information displayed on Zeniius is carefully screened and verified. This means we have complete peace of mind doing in-app transactions. Zeniius is truly our “Genie” – our “wishes” are its “commands”.
I believe in the success of BitCEO. I will be the project companion.


CEO & Founder of Hung Thinh Viet Technological Service PTY LTD

Zeniius helped me promote our company’s products and source for partners including potential customers and suppliers. Additionally, I was able to connect with businesses out of my field, which gave me the opportunities to expand my firm’s business.
I believe in the success of BitCEO. I will be the project companion.


CEO & Founder of Hai Dang Import & Export PTY LTD

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Get Help with FAQs and More

You can download app via Apple Appstore or Google Playstore. You can find the link at the end of this website.

Doing the follow steps:

– First step, you have to have an email. Then you register the email to the app by Signup Function.

– Second step, fill all the informations at the Create Profile Form

– And the final step, waiting for the Approval Process. Admin will verify all your information and will accept you to join if the information is correct and legal.

If you want to make Approval Process faster, you need to complete the Extend Form about your company including: business license, Company Tax id, and all the company contacts information.

You can contact to the admin (+84) 902074172 (Telegram,SMS) or email: [email protected].